Once you master the A.C.E. Classic Application method you will be ready to turn the volume up! Our Volume Training Course will show you how to take your knowledge to the next level. Your instructor will assist you as you develop your current skills and gain new ones. Upon class completion you will: -be A.C.E. Certified in the exclusive A.C.E. Volume Application method
-be able to apply a pristine set of volume eyelashes
-be an expert in your field
-boost your career and increase your income bracket

Once you become A.C.E.Certified in Volume Application you will be eligible to enroll in our exclusive A.C.E. Ambassador program!

Don't get comfortable and let your skills get old, enroll in the Volume course now to refresh your technique and expand your income!


What you’ll need & what’s included!

You will need to bring a model to class with you but A.C.E Academy provides the rest. Your kit will contain:

• Study Material 

• Complete Professional A.C.E. Extensions kit with enough supplies to make your money back and start earning profit in less then 1 week. 

• Certificate of completion 

• (Student) Discount on additional supplies 

• Continued support 

At the end of class, just like your new skills, the supplies are yours to keep. Best of all you will leave with a faithful client, excited to show (and tell) everyone they meet about the A.C.E. Certified Artist that gave them the lash life of their dreams!


Your class space will be held only once a deposit is received and a confirmation email is sent. All major credit cards and Paypal are accepted.